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Arrow® OnControl®
Powered Bone Access System

Proven powered

performance for bone biopsies.

The trusted power biopsy solution.

The Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Biopsy System was the first of its kind ten years ago. Today, it’s transforming biopsies for clinicians and patients. Find out how this category-defining system from Teleflex has set a new standard with proven results.

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adequate biopsy specimen rate, higher than manual needles.1
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demonstrated success rate with bone marrow aspiration.2
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Up to


procedure time compared to manual needles.3-6
Learn about Vance Cosby’s experience with OnControl® and why he’ll never go back to manual bone marrow biopsies.
Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System

A category-defining biopsy system.

Manual biopsy needles may be the original approach, but the Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System was engineered with clinicians in mind to set a new standard. A standard where consistency and control inspire confidence in clinicians7 with potentially less pain for patients.3,4 This system has been proven to demonstrate:

  • Consistently larger, high-quality samples3,5
  • Precise control7
  • Less patient pain during insertion and after the procedure3,4
  • Dependable performance

“With the OnControl® Driver, I am confident that I will obtain quality specimens and my patients will experience less pain.”*

Bryon Allen, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

“The OnControl® bone marrow drill provides a consistently high quality biopsy sample that is difficult to replicate with a manual needle.”*

Rodney Haltom, MS, PA-C

*These statements reflect the personal experience and opinion of the respective clinicians.

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Bone Lesion Biopsies

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