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GuideLiner Coast Catheter

The deliverability to match your patient’s anatomy.

Complex operations require the right tool.

Teleflex revolutionized an industry and brought you the GuideLiner™ V3 Catheter, a device that continues to build on a history of innovation and performance with more than 1.6 million units in cath labs around the world.1 Now, with the addition of the GuideLiner™ Coast™ Catheter, comes choice and the freedom to select a specific catheter to meet the specific needs of your clinical case.

GuideLiner™ is the only commercially available guide extension portfolio that offers both silicone and hydrophilic coated solutions to meet your unique clinical challenges with strong performance in backup support2 and deliverability.3

*GuideLiner V3 Catheter is indicated for CTO in the US only.
GuideLiner Coast Catheter is indicated for CTO in the US and Canada.

Ready to face the most difficult anatomies.

Dynamic Clinical Uses

  • Coaxial alignment and backup support
  • Deep-seating for distal device delivery, including assistance in crossing chronic total occlusions (CTO)
  • Selective delivery of contrast
  • Designed to provide the maximum deliverability for complex percutaneous coronary interventions while maintaining the backup support required to cross difficult lesions

Designed to Perform

  • Coil-reinforced extension specifically designed to enable dependable deep-seating for the delivery of interventional devices to distal locations to maintain luminal integrity
  • Half‑pipe channel designed to minimize device/collar interaction by directing and aligning devices through the collar transition, facilitating smooth device entry and seamless delivery
  • Half-pipe construction is also designed to minimize the opportunity for device separation by creating a 17 cm polymer bond between the extension and push rod
  • 1.6 Million GuideLiner™ V3 Catheters. 0 Reported Collar Separations in PCI.4

Tortuosity Tested

  • Designed to adapt to unique challenges in complex percutaneous coronary interventions; offering operators a total solution for addressing specific clinical needs encountered during the crossing of difficult lesions
  • Coil-reinforced guide extension provides excellent flexibility and kink resistance allowing delivery through tortuous vessels to reach the target area3
  • Coil-reinforced guide extension is designed to maintain luminal integrity


39% MORE DELIVERABLEthan the GuideZilla™ II Catheter3

40% MORE DELIVERABLEthan the Telescope™ Catheter3

Backup Support

57% GREATER BACKUP SUPPORTthan a standard guide catheter alone5

EQUIVALENT BACKUP SUPPORTto the Guidezilla™ II Catheter and Telescope™ Catheter5

What your peers are saying about GuideLiner Guide Extension Portfolio.

“The GuideLiner™ gives me the confidence to deliver my chosen balloon or stent to almost any location.”

– Michael S. Lee, MD, FACC, FSCAI*

“The GuideLiner™ has become an indispensable part of my tool kit for complex PCI. Simply put, it’s a game changer.”

– Matthew Price, MD, FACC, FSCAI*

*Dr. Lee and Dr. Price are paid consultants of Teleflex. These statements reflect the personal experiences and opinions of these physicians.