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Meet the Arrow OnControl Powered Bone Marrow Biopsy System.

Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System

The trusted powered solution for practitioners, pathologists, and patients.

This innovative solution for biopsies and aspirations has the advantage of power over manual needles. For practitioners, it provides increased control when accessing and extracting core specimens.1,2 For verified pathologists, it provides more usable specimen area for diagnosis.3,4 And for their patients, it provides less pain during insertion and after the procedure.3,4 If you haven’t made the switch, rethink your patients’ bone marrow biopsy procedure.

High-quality samples

  • As compared to manual needles, the Arrow OnControl Powered Bone Marrow Biopsy System delivers consistently larger, high-quality core specimens.3-5
  • This may reduce the number of second-attempt procedures required3,5-6 and result in more usable area for diagnosis.3,5

Increased user control1,2

  • Provides precise control7 and rapid access to difficult bone lesions.1

  • May result in a bone biopsy procedure that is up to 55% faster than with manual needles.3,5

Dependable performance

  • Specially engineered cannula with unique capture wire secures specimen during extraction.

  • Comprehensive system trays contain the components needed for high-quality bone lesion biopsies.

Less patient pain

  • The system has been demonstrated to cause less patient pain—during insertion and after the procedure—as compared to manual needles.3-4

  • Reduced pain can help ensure patient compliance with ongoing testing.3,6

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