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Peripheral Interventions

Peripheral interventions encompass a range of procedures that present their own unique challenges. That’s why we engineered a broad line of peripheral interventional devices, including technologies for bone access, thrombectomy, chronic hemodialysis and complex vascular interventions.
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Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Biopsy System

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Manual biopsy needles may be the original approach, but the Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System was engineered with clinicians in mind to set a new standard. A standard where consistency and control inspire confidence in clinicians6 with potentially less pain for patients.1 Compared to manual biopsy needles, this system has demonstrated:
  • Consistently larger, high-quality samples2-4
  • Precise control6
  • Less patient pain during insertion and after the procedure3,5
  • Dependable performance

Arrow-Clark VectorFlow® Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter