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Manta Vascular Closure Device

Rapid. Reliable. Simple.2a-c

Close with more confidence.

A device for large bore closures.

The MANTA Vascular Closure Device is the first-of-its-kind tool specifically designed for large bore femoral arterial access site closure following percutaneous transcatheter interventions.1
A single MANTA Device is designed to achieve fast, reliable closure with rapid hemostasis in femoral arterial access sites ranging from 12 Fr. to 25 Fr. O.D. with low major complication rates.2a-d
od closure

Building Confidence.

24 seconds median time

Rapid Hemostasis

Efficiently and reliably reduces time to hemostasis without pre-closure.2b-c

  • 25.2 second median time for TAVR procedures (73.2 ± 169.8 second mean time)2e
  • 19 second median time for EVAR procedures (35 second mean time)4
simple click cues

Easy to use

Proven results with only one device, its straightforward auditory “click” cues make it dependably simple to deploy and easy to use.2a

5.3% major complication rate

Low Complication Rates

Provides a low major complication rate of 5.3%2d, and 4.2% VARC-2 Major Vascular Complication Rate (VARC-2 rate lower than published rates for suture-mediated closure)5,6, inspiring confidence in your choice for large bore closure. Every complication avoided can mean additional savings for your health system.

97.7% technical success rate

High Technical Success Rate

The device’s effective technology results in high rates of technical success:

  • 97.6% technical success rate for TAVR procedures2f
  • 98% technical success rate for EVAR procedures2f, 4

Innovation can save lives.

And helps shorten time to discharge.

We know that the potential impact of bleeding complications can result in a higher cost of care per patient, potentially resulting in a 2x increase in hospital length of stay, a 3x increase in mortality, and a 60% increase in healthcare costs.7 When you choose the MANTA Device, its innovative design achieves low major complication rates and rapid time to hemostasis, helping your patients get home faster.8,2b,d

What your peers are saying about the MANTA Device.

“The MANTA™ Device simplifies large bore arterial access site closure. The device is easy to use, has a short learning curve and results in rapid hemostasis.”*

– Dr. David Wood Centre For Heart Valve Innovation, Vancouver, Canada

*This statement reflects the personal experience and opinion of the physician. Dr. Wood, Co-Principal Investigator of the SAFE MANTA IDE Clinical Trial, is a consultant of Teleflex Incorporated or its affiliates.

Simple and easy to use.2a

MANTA™ Device Deployment