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Coronary Interventions

Developed, designed and tested with intention.

No two patients are alike. That’s why we’ve engineered a portfolio of coronary interventional devices as unique as your patients. With a variety of guide extension catheters, microcatheters, guidewires and more, you’ll have what you need to deliver more personalized care.

Guide Extension Catheters

teleflex coronary guideliner

GuideLiner V3 Catheter

teleflex coronary guideliner
The GuideLiner Catheter revolutionized the concept of guide extension, creating new possibilities in interventional cardiology. Now in its third generation, the GuideLiner V3 Catheter continues to build on a history of innovation and performance. Indications, Safety and Warnings >
Watch GuideLiner V3 Catheter: The Engineering Story
teleflex video coronary guideliner

GuideLiner Coast Catheter

The GuideLiner Coast Catheter was engineered to provide best in class deliverability in complex anatomy, while maintaining the features that made the GuideLiner V3 Catheter a mainstay in procedural labs globally. The GuideLiner Coast Catheter provides everything that helped the GuideLiner V3 Catheter revolutionize guide extension along with the deliverability your patient’s anatomy requires. Indications, Safety and Warnings >
TrapLiner® Catheter

TrapLiner Catheter

TrapLiner® Catheter
The TrapLiner Catheter is a 2-in-1 device that combines the benefits of guide extension with the ability to trap a 0.014″ guidewire against the inner wall of a guide catheter. Combining these features can increase the effective inner diameter in a guide catheter compared to traditional trapping techniques.


SuperCross™ Microcatheters

SuperCross Microcatheter

SuperCross™ Microcatheters

SuperCross Microcatheters provide support in tortuous anatomy and gaining side branch access.

  • Dual coil design provides excellent torque response, flexibility, pushability and kink resistance1
  • Embedded platinum/tungsten coil provides enhanced visibility along the entire angled tip1
  • Full-length lumen facilitates subselective delivery of contrast
  • Hydrophilic coating on the distal 80 cm for Angled Tip versions and 40 cm for the Straight and Flexible Tip versions
  • Multiple tip options: Straight, Flexible (FT), 45°, 90°, 120°, 90° XT (extended tip)
SuperCross  Angled Tip Microcatheter demonstration
Teleflex SuperCross Microcatheter Video thumbnail
Teleflex Coronary Turnpike

Turnpike Catheter

Teleflex Coronary Turnpike
The Turnpike Catheter portfolio consists of the Turnpike Catheter (standard version), the Turnpike Spiral Catheter, the Turnpike Gold Catheter, and the Turnpike LP Catheter. Each catheter contains specific design elements to address various clinical challenges.


Speciality Coronary Guidewires

Specialty Guidewires

Speciality Coronary Guidewires
We offer a portfolio of high-performance specialty guidewires designed to tackle a variety of situations in complex cases. When you choose from the Teleflex portfolio, you choose guidewires made to work with and for you — so you can adapt to a broad range of challenges.

Specialty Catheters

Chocolate XD PTCA Balloon Catheter

Chocolate XD PTCA Balloon Catheter

Chocolate XD PTCA Balloon Catheter
This specialty angioplasty balloon is used in the pre-dilation and treatment of coronary lesions. A proprietary nitinol constraining structure creates “pillows” and “grooves” to provide predictable, uniform, and atraumatic dilatation, predictable vessel dilatation without cutting or scoring and to allow for stress relief, potentially minimizing the traumatic angioplasty effect.
Why Torque Matters: Integrating Torqueable Microcatheters into Your Practice
Teleflex Video Coronary Turnpike

Twin-Pass Dual Access Catheter

The Twin-Pass Dual Access Catheter offers the convenience of an over-the-wire lumen and a rapid exchange lumen in a single catheter. This unique design allows the guidewire to remain in place while the second lumen is used for advancement of a second 0.014″ guidewire, or subselective delivery of contrast or medication.
Venture Catheter

Venture 0.014" Catheter

Venture Catheter
The Venture 0.014″ Catheter’s tip can be deflected up to 90° to precisely direct guidewires around bends and tortuosity during complex cases.

“The GuideLiner has become an indispensable part of my tool kit for complex PCI. Simply put, it’s a game changer.”*

– Matthew Price, MD, FACC, FSCAI