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Coronary Interventions Monthly eNewletter
July 2023

Welcome to the Coronary Interventional Monthly Newsletter!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our monthly newsletter, dedicated to all things coronary interventional. As the field of interventional cardiology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it is crucial for us to stay up-to-date. This newsletter aims to be your go-to resource on things currently happening in coronary at Teleflex. Together, let's embark on a journey of continuous learning, innovation, and excellence in the world of coronary interventions. Join us as we explore new frontiers, share experiences, and foster a vibrant community of dedicated professionals. Welcome aboard!

Product Updates

GuideLiner® Coast® Catheter

  • 4 Days Until Full Market Launch!
    Master the GuideLiner® Family message now! Don’t get left behind!
  • Coast® Messaging
    Coast® is a Hydrophilic addition to the GuideLiner® Family and provides operators a choice between backup support and deliverability without sacrificing the features that made GuideLiner® a mainstay in procedures globally. 
  • Coast® and V3 Resources
  • The Do’s and Don’ts 
    Regain lost business, convert new users, DON’T convert V3 business!
  • Sales Competition Details Coming Soon!

Triumph Catheter

  • Please Note
    Last week, a cross-functional team from the Project Management Office (PMO), Commercial Marketing, and Operations decided to move forward in finding a new third-party manufacturer for the Triumph™ Catheter. We’re actively evaluating multiple manufacturers, all being equally committed to meeting our strenuous quality standards and high volume expectations for Triumph – while also pursuing expedited timelines.

    As a result, the Limited Market Release (LMR) and Full Market Release (FMR) has been delayed. In the coming weeks anticipate more communications as commercialization timelines are formalized.

    Thank you for being nimble around the Triumph launch.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your Coronary Product Management Team.

Upcoming Important Events

Word On The Street

#1 Bare Metal Stents will no longer be manufactured at Medtronic, Boston Scientific and potentially Abbott.

#2 CoPilot and Merit Valves may be on backorder again. 

Please share any intel you gather regarding Bare Metal Stents  or Hemostasis Valve backorders with your Coronary Product Management Team.

Sales Wins

I want to take a moment and highlight some outstanding customer engagement by several members of the Mid-South region.

Clinician/physician engagement and education is one of our region’s top priorities in 2023 and these folks have truly taken that to heart. In just two months into Q2, with the help of the CMA team, the region has completed numerous physician/clinician engagements that range from educational events to proctorships. A few sales reps that truly standout are Matt Clayton, Nick McPherson, Kevin Daigle and Kent Copland. These individuals have brought tremendous value to industry leading physicians such as: Dr. Neupane from WakeMed in Raleigh, Dr. Borges from Atrium/Carolinas Healthcare System in Charlotte, and Dr. Leah Raj from Vanderbilt in Nashville. Topics/products educated on were GuideLiner® Coast® Catheter, Turnpike® Catheter, TrapLiner® Catheter and SuperCross Catheter. Matt, Nick, Kevin and Kent have gone above and beyond to help drive awareness around the incredibly important products we offer that improve patient’s lives.

~ Phillip Keever

The Coronary Marketing Team

Nicholas Sweere - Global Marketing Manager

Nicholas Sweere

Global Marketing Manager, Interventional
P: 612.322.3752
Lexxus (Betts)Keyes Global Commercial Product Manager, Interventional

Lexxus (Betts) Keyes

Global Commercial Product Manager, Interventional
P: 919.370.6636
Dan Farrell Global Product Manager, Interventional

Dan Farrell

Global Product Manager, Interventional
P: 765.748.4176
CS: 866.246.6990
Marketing Communications Specialist, Interventional

Tayler Vulcano

Marketing Communications Specialist, Interventional
P: 310.408.5810